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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Website (and gnubg) suggestion

From: Øystein Johansen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Website (and gnubg) suggestion
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2004 12:42:28 +0100
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Fabio Spelta wrote:
| The gnubg website improved a lot, and in my opinion this will be of
| great help in spreading it's usage into the mainstream.
| I think that a web forum can help a lot in improving the site further.
| While there's a mailing list already, it's topics are often very
| hi-tech, and a forum can split the discussions in various sections -
| chat, bugs, and so on.
| Also, in my opinion a mailing list is for people that is at least a bit
| tech-savvy, while a forum can be accessed with more ease by anobody with
| less difficulty.

Hi, Fabio!

I have thought of the same thing. However... One of the ideas of the web
site was to collect all the loose threads. Earlier on there was several
different pages around the net about GNU Backgammon. It was the static
page at gnubg.org, it was my page, nardys page pages, Achim's page, the
mailing list, the training program page... and so on... The idea of the
page was to collect these into one site so first time users gets a
better overview of the project.

I'm not sure if this web forum is the best thing in this situation. I'm
afraid that we then will get bug reports spread in all the different
places. Bug reports to the mailing list, to the bug tracker, to the
comments of the articles, at GammOnLine, and in addition at a web forum.
Can be hard to track all these. I would perfere it if the bug reports
goes to the mailing list or the bugtracker and nowhere else.

What I rather think is a better idea, is to make thread of the commets
to each article in the blog. In that way we can reply to simple problems
which users report in the comments field. What do you think of that?

| Second stuff: gnubg's interface is one of the most beautiful and
| customizable of all the bg programs out there. That would make a prefect
| client for FIBS. Ever considered to implement this feature allowing
| gnubg to act ALSO as a FIBS' client? That would be great IMHO.

This has been discussed several times over the years. The fear is that
people will hack it to cheat on FIBS. ("Hey, cheating must be fun?").
Since you sitting at a Linux box I guess you should be able to connect
it to FIBS with the code that's already there. Take the fibs cookie
monster and clue it with the gtkboard code. That should do the trick I

| Thanx for reading,

Thanks for posting,

| Fabio

- -Øystein
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