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[Bug-gnubg] snowie error rate info

From: Hugh Sconyers
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] snowie error rate info
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 15:04:33 -0700


thought info might be of some help.


In the summary panel, only the most important numbers are displayed. First, the normalized error rate for both players is drawn in a graph. This normalized error rate is computed in the following way. For each player, all the normalized errors (cube and checker play) are added together and then divided by the total number of moves. The total number of moves is also displayed on the bottom of the window. In order to get a sizeable number it is then multiplied by 1000.

Based on this normalized error rate, a classification of the players strength is estimated and displayed next to the two player names. This mapping is done as follows below. You may also press the button 'levels info' in order to display this mapping in the statistics window.

0.0 - 1.2: Extra-terrestrial
1.2 - 4.4: World class
4.4-5.9: Expert
5.9-8.8: Advanced
8.8-12.6: Intermediate
12.6-18.5: Beginner
18.5 - ??: Novice


keep in mind that snowie uses a divisor equal to the 'total moves'



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