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RE: [Bug-gnubg] 13 point one sided race database

From: Ian Shaw
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] 13 point one sided race database
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 09:17:22 +0100

> From: Hugh Sconyers on 15 June 2006 17:33
> i have been using the 13 point one sided race database. 
> Øystein Johansen has answered many of my question about the database.
> suppose both players are 'in the database'.  it seems that 
> there is nothing to gained by doing anything except testing 
> all the legal moves for the best 
> move.   if you have your settings set to a higher ply gnubg 
> takes a long 
> time to find the best move.  is it possible to add code to 
> gnubg so that when you are using this database and a higher 
> ply setting that gnubg will stop at 0 ply in playing and rollouts?

I think this has not been done because it is occasionally possible for the best 
play to vary if you look ahead to cube actions.

I don't know how often this comes up in actual play, and I agree that it 
consumes a lot of time for little reward.

These errors are likely to be small and, in rollouts, have very little effect 
on the overall outcome, so I think it makes sense to truncate at 0-ply during 

For head to head play, I think you would generally want to get the most 
accurate play possible. If you are prepared to play 2-ply for the rest of the 
game, I expect most people would want 2-ply at this stage.

Just my $0.02.

-- Ian

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