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Re: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Analyze match/session button

From: Massimiliano . Maini
Subject: Re: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Analyze match/session button
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 09:47:11 +0200

>> Anyhow, I wanted to request a button for Analyze match (or the option to
>> place a button) on the toolbar. It is easily one of the options I use
>> most, and I doubt I'm alone, so it would make sense adding it there.
>I believe you're right. The button belongs there. I think this has been
>discussed as well. (At least I discussed this with my self when I
>redesigned the toolbar some years ago....) I think the reason I didn't
>add such button, was that I was missing an icon for this purpose. what
>should the image of such icon be anyway? Please suggest something?

As proposed by Christian, I would go with a magnifying glass (often
to a 'find' action, but should do it anyway). (And i would also get rid of
'analyze session' menu, just merge it into 'analyze match/session').
Another easy thing to fix is to move the 'edit' button in the toolbar far
away from the 'hint' button, for example, right between the separator and
'stop' button. That's really easy, just a matter to move the button
code to the right place.

>Maybe an automatic dialog when a match is finnished, which asks if you
>want to save or analyse? (or something else?)

That would be nice too. Something like save match now (not analyzed, prompt
for name), analyze and save again (prompt for name, default to same name as
before). Very very handy.

>> One last thing, although this is a really old request, now that GNU can
>> display the win/loss percentiles in the analysis pane, would it be
>> to add the well-known, and very popular Snowie function, to show the
>> analysis immediately upon playing a move.
>I think this stops in the same as the problems of working with
>positions. However, I've not tried...

On the subject, one of the often heard missing functions is the
"finish game" button, used to let the bot play against himself to speedup
the end
of a game (non contact). I know it's kinda silly (you can resign, the bot
as soon as he thinks it is correct, bearoff errors exist), but many user
keep on
asking for it ... my 2c : not worth the effort. Just to let you know.


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