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[Bug-gnubg] Rollout stats & bug ?

From: Massimiliano . Maini
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Rollout stats & bug ?
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 13:03:46 +0200

Hi all, I've a (potentially silly) question about rollout stats.
I have this position :

 GNU Backgammon  Position ID: 1wwAAH4HAAAAAA
                 Match ID   : UgngACAAAAAA
 +13-14-15-16-17-18------19-20-21-22-23-24-+     O: gnubg
 |                  |   |    O     O  O  O | OO  2 points
 |                  |   |    O     O     O | OO
 |                  |   |                O | O
 |                  |   |                  | O
 |                  |   |                  | O
v|                  |BAR|                  |     7 point match
 |                  |   |                6 | X
 |                  |   |                X | X
 |                  |   |             X  X | X
 |                  |   |             X  X | X   On roll
 |                  |   |             X  X | XX  0 points
 +12-11-10--9--8--7-------6--5--4--3--2--1-+     X: MaX (Cube: 4)

Hint says redouble take (at any ply) and I do a rollout from the hint
window with the following settings (as they appear in the rollout settings
window) :

648 trials, no truncation, no separate evalation, never stop (sd or jsd),
cubefull, truncate at exact bearoff database, variance reduction, quasi-
random dice, cube decision same as chequer play, same settings for both
players, player0 settings for truncation point.
First play both : world class.

[Notice that settings are irrelevant to my question but allow you to
reproduce the thing exactly]

After a few seconds I get the result (redouble take, as expected) and I
look at the stats : here I found somethiong I can't understand.

In the panel 'Player gnubg owns 8-cube' (double take) there are 249 single
wins for gnubg (38.43% of 648) and 399 single wins for MaX (61.57% of 648)
with cube at 8, for a total of 648 trials. Cube stats are empty, since no
recube can take place.

On the other hand, in the panel 'Player MaX owns 4-cube' (no double) there
are 28 single wins with cube at 4 and 157 with cube at 8 for gnubg (total
185, 28.55% of 648) and 1 single win with cube at 4 and 133 with cube at 8
for MaX (total is 144, 20.68% of 648). Total is 185+134 = 319 ?! Where are
the other 329 trials ?!
Further down in the cube statistics it says that at 8-cube there has been
290 double,take and 329 double,pass for player MaX ...

Does this mean that in the first part (Win statistics) the double,pass are
not included ? To clarify (correctme if I'm wrong), in the win stats only
games (trials) played to the end (no double,pass) are shown ?!
Is this kinda standard (ie snowie does the same) ?

Concerning a possible bug :

1- set-up the position, get a hint a do a rollout from the hint window
2- at the end of the rollout look at the stats, they are fine
3- close the stats window and the rollout window to get back to the hint
4- click on rollout again
5- the rollout is already done, but clicking on the stats button you'll
see that the stats are crappy (silly numbers everywhere)
6- now if you go back to the hint window and click on 2-ply eval and then
rollout again, the rollout is performed (since previous results have been
overwritten by 2ply eval) and now stats looks fine (but you can go back to
point 3 and restart).


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