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[Bug-gnubg] GUI feature request

From: Massimiliano . Maini
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] GUI feature request
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 14:24:50 +0200

Hi all, I often play with :

- tutor on (notify on very bad), not really because I like the tutor
signaling the mistakes, but because I prefer to have gnubg analysing
my decisions while playing instead of waiting for it doing it at the
end of the match (i.e., I prefer to wait a few seconds every move than
waiting a few minutes at the end of the match)

- panels hidden, since with tutor on, I can see its judgments on my
previous moves (and this could be helpful)

One thing I'd like to have is the ability to navigate the current
match/session (next/prev move, next/prev match, next/prev error and,
possibly, go to last move) without having to restore the panels (game
record). Essentially I'd like the 4 buttons and the game list (that
are on the top part of the Game record panel) to be in the "main panel",
like just below the PosID/MatchID.

Not only this allows to navigate without resorting to the Game record
panel, but when reviewing a match after having analysed it, I'm not
really really (*) interested in the move list, just in navigating (with the
"next/prev" marked decision buttons) and seeing the analysis window.

Comments on the idea ? Useful ? Feasible ?


I said "really really" because the error highlightning with colors in
the move list is so coll that ... :)

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