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AW: [Bug-gnubg] External interface

From: Hauser Dietmar
Subject: AW: [Bug-gnubg] External interface
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 12:23:41 +0100

> As far as I know, going to Settings->Players->Player 0 allows you to
> set how gnubg will play. Then doing Settings-Save Settings will allow
> you to set up a gnubg with an external interface at whatever playing
> strength you've chosen for it.

Ok, I did some more tests.

I set the noise to 1.000 and turned deterministic off.
When I play against the AI using the gnubg Gui, it plays totally random.
However, when I play against it using the external interface, it does
not play randomly. 
It starts building that nasty wall of checkers like it always does.

So, my conclusion is, that, when using gnubg in "external" mode, it
always uses the default AI settings.

Here are the settings I've used in the test:

set player 0 gnubg
set player 0 chequerplay type evaluation
set player 0 chequerplay evaluation noise 1.000
set player 0 chequerplay evaluation deterministic off

set player 1 gnubg
set player 1 chequerplay type evaluation
set player 1 chequerplay evaluation noise 1.000
set player 1 chequerplay evaluation deterministic off

(I changed both players to be on the safe side)

I'm sending stuff like this to gnubg:

Any insights on this?

Hauser, Senior Software Developer

dion-software, ViennaEurope; address@hidden
tel.: +43 (0)1 512 60 35 -31
fax.: +43 (0)1 512 60 35 -12
hegelgasse 6/10, a-1010 vienna, http://www.dion-software.com

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