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[Bug-gnubg] Question regarding New Multi-thread exes compatability with

From: jhcis
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Question regarding New Multi-thread exes compatability with 0.15-stable versus 0.16-devel
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 23:13:16 -0800

Hi! Everyone:  Once again thank you for your incredible work GnuBg!

My question is simple.  I am currently running:

    *  0.15-stable (CVS tag rel_0_15): stable, reccomended for most of the users
          o install archive (code snapshot 20061119, sources)
In regard to the GnuBG Win executables with multi-thread support /  exes archive (1.2Mb, timestamp 20070216) am I correct in interpreting "NOTE: due to a GTK+ file naming/versioning problem (e.g.libpng12.dll/libpng13.dll), it is recommended to install the multi-thread exes into a recent (i.e. 2007) installation." to mean that in order to run multi- thread support exes I need to install:

  * 0.16-devel (CVS tag MAIN): most recent source code (may include bugs !)
          o install archive (code snapshot 20070216, sources)
or would the new exes work with the 0.15-stable(CVS tag rel_0_15) build as well.

It seems obvious enough that I need to upgrade to the 0.16-devel (CVS tag MAIN) but it never hurts to ask and I want to make sure.  Thanks in advance for answering my question and thanks again for making GnuBg such a wonderful program!

Jim Curtis


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