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Re[2]: [Bug-gnubg] Plays ranked in wrong order in rollout window

From: Chris W.
Subject: Re[2]: [Bug-gnubg] Plays ranked in wrong order in rollout window
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 04:13:48 -0800

Hello Ian,

Monday, February 26, 2007, 12:51:35 AM, you wrote:


IS> Chris,

IS> You situation looks more unusual. Is this a copy from the analysis
IS> screen of a completed rollout? If so, it looks like there is a problem.
IS> The only time I have seen this before is when I have rolled out the
IS> plays one-by-one in the CLI, rather than select them all and roll them
IS> out simultaneously from the GUI. Can you confirm exactly what you did,
IS> please?

IS> Finally, readers of this mailing list much prefer that you post in plain
IS> text, rather than HTML.

IS> Cheers,
IS> Ian

What you see is a text export of rollout done with the CLI. What I am 
attempting to do is create a series of nack positions showing the correct 
opening for player 1 and the correct response for player 2. (there should be 
315 of them when complete) I've attached a batch file to illustrate the method 
I am using. Please advise me if I am doing something wrong.

btw ... attempting to do this with gnubg-nogui-py-sse.exe results in a program 
crash. I'll download the latest exe and see if the problem still exists.

Best regards,

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