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[Bug-gnubg] Questions for the game (Gnu Backgammon)

From: Wandeir Tavares
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Questions for the game (Gnu Backgammon)
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 13:14:27 -0200

Hi, My name is Wandeir, I´m Brazilian, I study in University of Rio Verde, my course have 10 grades, i´m in the 9º, and i´m making my final course project about the linux games, and i´d like to say about yous game in my project, but for that, it´s necessary that you give to me some information about your games. Is it possible ? Here go the list:

1. What the environment that the game have done ? 2D or 3D ?
2. What library or engine used to create the game ?
3. What the game style (singleplayer, multiplayer or SM) ?
4. What about the realism (good, medium, excelent or bad) ?
5. What about the subject (Action, sport, RPG, Race or estrategy)?
6. What kind of license (Open Source, Comercial and other) ?
7. It´s possible to play with a joystick ?
8. Do you utilize same engine ?
9. How much time do you spend in a game project like this ? (that question is so importate)
10. What the Sound format that you use in the game (MP3, Wav or Mid ) ?
already I have a few from the answers footprints in its sities, but I should like of affirmation , and necessary principally of the periodo of time of development of the I play , year of beginning & of end

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