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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Three things that are broken

From: Massimiliano Maini
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Three things that are broken
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 13:42:03 +0200

address@hidden wrote on 13/04/2007 23:59:43:

> - Python support
> a) It is buggy
> b) Nobody, even among the developers use it regularly.
> c) It will never be used by a very large fraction of the users.
> - Time controls
> a) it doesn't work out of the box
> b) it crashes (at least for me)
> c) It will never be used by a very large fraction of the users.
> - Player records
> a) the player records are under featured
> b) the relational database requires some setup and is overkill in its
> construction
> c) It is used by a large fraction of our users
> So what do you think? My personal preference is that we terminate python
> support and time controls. And I prefer the relational database, but it
> needs some adjustments, especially if we get rid of python support.
> Christian.

My 2c on this (hot) subjects.

- General feeling : I'm ready to temporarily sacrifice almost anything
if the goal is a global refactoring of the code.

- Python support : very very few users (none I know outside the developpers).
I tried myslef and found it pretty tricky and often buggy, source of many
extra portability problems (IDLE under Win, etc). Don't know if the whole
Python thing is tricky because the overall gnubg code is messy, but I'm
pretty sure that if the whole gnubg code undergoes a refactoring, the Python
interface would have to be rethinked anyway.

- Time controls : never really used, but it seems to me they where working
fine (one of the only added features that worked almost from the very first
commit). I think it's a valuable feature (any other bg sotware having it ?)
and just a small piece of code. I wouldn't mind having it temporarily removed
but I wouldn't go for a permanent kill. Clocks are used more an more, it's
nice to practice at home ...

- Player records : let's just get the relational db working for good. A
nicely integrated relational db would be easy and powerful for *any* user.
Today, the player record is easy but not powerful and the relational db is
powerful but not easy. I don't think we should involve Python in the
relational db interface, meaning that the db stuff should work without
Python. If Python interface is kept, Python could always use gnubg "native"
commands to access the db.


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