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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Some windows quirks ?

From: Jonathan Kinsey
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Some windows quirks ?
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 13:29:45 +0100
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Massimiliano Maini wrote:
> Hi all,
> I noticed some funky behaviour of gnubg (0.16) under Windows (at least
> on 2000 at office,
> will check XP at home).
> If I minimize the gnubg window to the takbar and then I right-click on
> its icon on the taskbar
> and click on "Close", then gnubg is stuck for a while : it doesn't
> disappear and the icon on the
> taskbar is "frozen" (impossible to restore the window, no context menu,
> etc).
> This makes me think also to a user that posted to rgb that using the
> command line version
> in a batch script (to do rollouts) was very slow, and the reason was
> that the script had to
> wait a long time for gnubg to process the "exit" command ... (I don't
> have any detail on this
> problem, II've asked him to post to the mailing list).

Are sounds on?  If so the pause is waiting for the exit sound to play (finish).
Alternatively with the gui, if "close 3d board" is selected the pause may well
be while this happens (easy to check with a restored window).

> Other things : when one or more "sub-windows" are open (e.g. hint), they
> don't appear
> as "independent windows" (they don't have their icon in the taskbar) and
> this causes some
> strange bahaviors like :
> - gnubg win + hint win (1 icon in the taskbar)
> - reduce all windows (right-click on the taskbar, 'Minimize all windows')
> - click on the gnubg icon in the taskbar and only the hint window is
> restored

I've wondered several times why the hint dialog isn't modal (i.e. you can leave
it open and do other things), I don't think it updates if you make a move.
Anyone know why?  If not, changing it to a modal window would fix (hide) this.

> Also, the rollout proress window has a srange behavior :if iconized, the
> icon doesn't go to
> the taskbar (but stays on the desktop).

This is what happens to dialogs (that haven't got a taskbar window) when they
are minimised.  We can either make the rollout window have a taskbar window all
the time or (possibly) when it's minimised - or live with it as it is...


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