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[Bug-gnubg] Data collection

From: Chris W.
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Data collection
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 15:40:59 -0700

Sorry for the multiple copies! (long story)


Hello everyone,

I've noticed an error in the information collected in the person table. My 
nick, "ChrisW", is listed
twice -- once as "ChrisW", and once as "chrisw". Can this please be corrected? 
Snowie has the same
problem and it is very irritating when it comes to analysis. ChrisW = Chrisw = 
chrisw -- they all
represent the same player. The first instance of a player's nick should be used 
for all subsequent data
collected regardless of differences in capitalization. 

While we're on the subject of data ...

How difficult would it be to create an "export statistics" command so 
individuals can decide on their
own which datastore to use? I like the idea of a cross-platform application but 
isn't locking the user
into one type of technology supposed to be one of the issues to be avoided? I 
have zero use for SQLite
beyond gnubg. I would prefer to analyze the data using the tools I'M 
comfortable with. I imagine a
majority of players would also feel this way. Exporting the data from SQLite, 
with its limitations,
should not be an option.

Perhaps the best way to address the issue of which database to use, is to use 
none at all. This
low-tech method would reduce the complexity of the code base, allowing 
developers to focus their
efforts on other areas of the program. Flat files could be easily used to 
accumulate the data collected
enabling others to create a separate, platform-specific application for the 
display of such data.

The end result would be the freedom to create applications that can graphically 
render the data in any
number of ways without introducing additional overhead to gnubg along with the 
bugs that are sure to

Best regards,

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