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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Computer Olympiad

From: Frank Berger
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Computer Olympiad
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 22:39:05 +0200

Hi Joseph,

I am sure this Olympiad thingy is real fun,
yes it is. Especially due to Nardy sparkling humor we had a lot of good laughs. And there are a lot of programms there and a lot of events especially for chess and GO at other places. I feel it would be a shame if BG would't be there, although the number of attending programms is not satisfying. I personally would much prefer 6-8 programms even if this means more time and a smaller prob to win.

but I still hope that at
that day and age we can organize a serious and meaningful match
between the two, if a match is what we want.
I guess under the existing circumstances this is already pretty good for a live event. I guess only a few can afford to spend more then 3-4 days including the travel for a fun event. Naturally it doesn't mean anything for judging which bot is better (at least not if the difference is so small as it is between BGB and GNU).

A longer series of matches is naturally much better suited for that. There was a longer series just finished and I'm sure that the results will be published in the next few days. I guess at least some people will be astonished.... :)

I suspect that it would be close to impossible to determine which is
better in a match, ans even a 100 difference in rating may require
tens of thousand of matches if not more.
I guess with a 100 points it will take less matches (and I'm too lazy to take the Fibs-calculator for that right now), but I'm pretty sure that BGB, Gnu and S4 have less than 20 rating points between best and worst so we need a pretty large number for a statistical result. The rollout I mentioned above started in November and was on 2-3 PC so besides the benchmark from Michaal Depreli it will be the most significant test so far.

But we can make a start, assuming BGBlitz can be driven by a command
line/script, and arrange a running ongoing match. I can even find now
some time on the university machines, but very limited time as I am
consumed in my PhD.
I think Dueller is already well suited. It talks to Gnu by CLI and to BGB via socket (which is IMHO superior because it could run on a different box) so anyone could do a long rollout (you don't need a BGB licence for the dueller stuff)


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