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Re: [Bug-gnubg] possible glitch in GNU backgammon

From: Michael Petch
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] possible glitch in GNU backgammon
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 12:59:56 -0700
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As a followup Caryl - Since I don’t believe the 22 is missing because of a fault in GnuBG – I’ll make this further comment.

Regarding your MAT file, since the 22 doesn’t appear for whatever reason, GnuBG assumed that since your opponent won BUT he didn’t roll – that you must have resigned. This is correct behavior by Gnu. Now because it thinks you resigned with a chance to save gammon it marked the move as a blunder.

If the 22 roll had appeared in the MAT file that you opened – GnuBG would have simply seen your opponent winning on their roll, you wouldn’t have resigned, and the analysis would be as you would expect. Attached is a copy of your MAT file where I added (by hand) the missing 22 roll by your opponent, and you will notice that after an analysis of this new file, it no longer thinks you resigned, and there is no blunder.

I believe this is likely what happened:

With all that being said, I have attached a MAT file with the the final 2-2 roll by Redneck. If you analyze this file it no longer believes you resigned and there is no error on the play.


On 11/10/08 10:30 AM, "Michael Petch" <address@hidden> wrote:

On 11/9/08 11:25 AM, "_1_lil_redhd" <address@hidden> wrote:

Second, there is a possible glitch you may like to know about. It may be that gnu is set up this way, but in game 2 where I get backgammoned I most definitely did not resign! GNU said I did and dinged me cube rating for it to boot. PRO_TS_Redneck rolled 22 but in GNU it does not show. My opponent has snowie so I have included the swm file which was the only way he could send it. In his file he said it clearly shows the 22 roll and no resign.

Hello Caryl ;-)

First off, I need to understand something a bit better. I don’t have Snowie loaded so I can’t see the file. You say Redneck rolled 22 in Game 2. I assume that you mean at the end of game 2 there is a 22 roll. In the .MAT file I see this:

30) 53: 24/19 24/21                                         53: 3/0 2/0
31) 66: 24/18 24/18 21/15 19/13                              Wins 6 points

Are you saying that after you rolled 66, he rolled 22. The .MAT file that you attached – Is it the .MAT file that was saved by the gaming site to your computer? Which site did you play on? (My guess is one with a lagoon ;-) ). Did Redneck ALSO save the match on his end, and run the snowie with his saved match?

One possibility I am thinking of (I need the questions above answered first) is that the game site has a bug when it saves the rolls to you and your opponents computer. Mayb ethe 22 roll was saved to Redneck’s computer and when they ran snowie on it – it appeared in the SWM file. If this .MAT file is from your computer – it may be that the software never recorded his last roll to your file. So when you look at it the 22 is missing, and Gnu thinks you resigned.

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