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[Bug-gnubg] SGF Double Analysis Format

From: Ryan McKinnon
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] SGF Double Analysis Format
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2012 20:25:54 -0400


I have a question about the format in which double analysis is saved by gnubg in sgf files.  For example, here is a sample double action evaluation from gnubg:

Cube analysis
2-ply cubeless equity  +0.243 (Money:  +0.246)
  0.573 0.222 0.024 - 0.427 0.140 0.006
Cubeful equities:
1. No double            +0.349
2. Double, pass         +1.000  ( +0.651)
3. Double, take         +0.219  ( -0.130)
Proper cube action: No double, take (16.6%)

(see image here: http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/2342/doubleaction.png)

And the corresponding section in the sgf file, when a double was mistakenly offered:

;B[double]DA[E ver 3 2C 1 0.000000 1 0.572881 0.222155 0.024300 0.139598 0.006174 0.243145 0.527005 0.572881 0.222155 0.024300 0.139598 0.006174 0.243145 0.516940]BM[2]

I can clearly see that it's a 2ply evaluation, and note the wins, gammons, backgammons, and opponent's gammons and backgammons.  The item 0.243145 appears to be the cubeless equity, but I'm not sure how can I can calculate the cubeful no double and double/take equities from the info here in the sgf file.  (It looks like 0.527005 and 0.516940 might have something to do with these equity values, but I'm not sure.  Also, presumably the wins/gammons/backgammons breakdown is repeated because it pertains separately to no double and double/take?)  Can anyone enlighten me?

Thank you!

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