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Re: Gnu Backgammon Compiling for Windows

From: Dariusz Stachowski
Subject: Re: Gnu Backgammon Compiling for Windows
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2021 16:47:53 +0100
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Thanks very much. The information is useful. I will try it later.

In the meantime I have another query to ask of you. It is this: where can I go to download Windows versions of GnuBG that came before 1_06_002-20180802? By searching online I was able to find gnubg-setup-gtk13-20050302.exe ( which works, but is old ) and also gnu-backgammon-20100816.exe ( which would not install for me ). The GnuBG web pages only show the recent 1_06_002-20180802 release. Is there some place that holds all the previous releases?

Why do I need an old version? It is because GunBG 1_06_002-2018080 won't run on one of my old laptops that still has XP. It highlights an incompatibility with KERNEL.dll. I was hoping to find a previous version would run okay under XP.

Best wishes,


Ian Shaw wrote:
If all you want to do is install the gnubg software and use it, it can be downloaded here https://gnu-backgammon.en.softonic.com/ If you want to experiment with the code, then you'll need Jon's instructions. * Ian
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Subject: Gnu Backgammon Compiling for Windows


I am curious how I may compile GnuBG for Windows 7. In particular I would like 
to be able to do so for the console version of the program ( gnubg-cli.exe ).

I have downloaded the source


but I cannot see any instructions for compiling on Windows. The documentation 
on your web site tells me that I will find the instructions at


but this page gives me a 404 error code. I found another page on your web site which says I need batch files gnubg3D.bat and/or gnubgOld.bat. But I cannot see these in the downloaded source, or any other BAT file. So I am puzzled. I would be grateful if you could fix the broken link and let me ( and others ) know how to compile GnuBG.


Dariusz Stachowski

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