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Re: libcob codegen error

From: Harald Arnesen
Subject: Re: libcob codegen error
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2021 22:02:56 +0200
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Simon Sobisch [23.07.2021 21:08]:

> Thank you for the good report. I'll look at that soon and if I can
> reproduce it, should be able to provide a fix on Monday.
> Have a nice weekend,
> Simon
> Am 22. Juli 2021 11:15:41 MESZ schrieb mattila_timo@kolumbus.fi:
>     Hi,
>     I got error
>     libcob: error: codegen error
>     libcob: error: Please report this!
>     when playing / testing GnuCobol 3.1.2 with Micro Focus screen IO example 
>     program on Linux Mint.

I got the same error when trying the test program on my DragonFlyBSD
machine (GnuCobol 3.1.2 from ports). It works on Linux and FreeBSD with
GnuCobol trunk from git.
Hilsen Harald

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