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Re: [Bug-gnulib] licenses again

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnulib] licenses again
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 17:13:12 +0200
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Karl Berry wrote:
> 2) Regardless of that, the files which are originally LGPL'd can of
>    course be retrieved in their original form

But since it isn't clear to an outsider which module (more precisely,
the source code under lib/) is under LGPL and which isn't, I have now added
a 'License' tag to the module description.

I've identified the following as being LGPL. (Essentially all modules that
track glibc source code are LGPL.) All others are GPL.

argp  -  Simon Josefsson, glibc
error  -  all, glibc
euidaccess  -  Jim Meyering, glibc
fnmatch  -  all, glibc
getopt  -  all, glibc
getpass  -  Jim Meyering, glibc
getpass-gnu  -  Jim Meyering, glibc
getsubopt  -  all, glibc
gettext  -  Bruno Haible
iconv  -  Bruno Haible
linebreak  -  Bruno Haible
localcharset  -  Bruno Haible
md5  -  Jim Meyering, glibc
memchr  -  Jim Meyering, glibc
memcmp  -  Jim Meyering, glibc
memrchr  -  Jim Meyering, glibc
mkdtemp  -  Bruno Haible
mktime  -  Paul Eggert, Jim Meyering, glibc
obstack  -  all, glibc
putenv  -  Jim Meyering, glibc
regex  -  all
setenv  -  Bruno Haible
stdbool  -  Bruno Haible
stpcpy  -  Bruno Haible, glibc
stpncpy  -  Bruno Haible, glibc
strcase  -  Bruno Haible
strcspn  -  Bruno Haible, glibc
strdup  -  all, glibc
strftime  -  glibc
strndup  -  glibc
strnlen  -  glibc
strpbrk  -  Bruno Haible, glibc
strstr  -  Bruno Haible, glibc
strtol  -  glibc
strtoll  -  glibc
strtoul  -  glibc
strtoull  -  glibc
strverscmp  -  Jim Meyering, glibc
timegm  -  all, glibc
ucs4-utf16  -  Bruno Haible
ucs4-utf8  -  Bruno Haible
utf16-ucs4  -  Bruno Haible
utf8-ucs4  -  Bruno Haible
vasnprintf  -  Bruno Haible
vasprintf  -  Bruno Haible


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