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Job offer !!! from Any Pay company. er

From: Fred Jameson YEvn
Subject: Job offer !!! from Any Pay company. er
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 15:17:10 -0500


    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

   Our company is glad to offer you Work the Internet of the manager in our 
Working with our company, you can earn from      1000 euros up to 2400     
euros day.

  For what to get a job in our company you should have the bank account or Pay  
    Pal account.

   Our company offers you legal and highly paid work

  Principle of work:

    On your bank account or on yours Pay      Pal account will act money of our 
     You should take money,     and send 90 % of money on system of remittances 
Western     Union or e-gold.
    Our company will pay to you cost of transportation     and charges on 
sending of money in Western   Union.
   You can, earn, yours of 10 % not spending money for the commissions.

    Plus of work with our company:

    - You can earn up to   7000 euros a week      (further the salary will 
   - You can sign the contract with our company for the first     3 years of 
  - To work to you it will be necessary no more than 3 hours per day    (From 
Monday till Friday)
    - An opportunity of increase on career ladders up to the main manager and 
the Chief of department      (with increase of your wages)
   - Working with our company,    you can receive free-of-charge holiday by 
family yearly for the sum not exceeding 2500 euros.
  - Our company does not demand from you an operational experience and higher 
education     .

   Our company will give up to you in reception of work only on the given 

- If you have problems with authorities
- If you still do not have 18 years.

     For reception of work of the manager in our company you will need to fill 
in the form of registration on a site of our company: ( 
http://www.anypayfinance.net )

    After you fill in the registration form, our operator will contact you 
through phone or your e-mail during 24        hours from the moment of filling 
the form.

      Hurry up.
     The amoun t     of workplaces in our company is limited.



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