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Re: [bug-gnulib] nanosleep module and mingw32

From: Martin Lambers
Subject: Re: [bug-gnulib] nanosleep module and mingw32
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 08:40:40 +0200
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On Thu, May 18, 2006 at 10:23:49PM +0200, Bruno Haible wrote:
> > +#ifdef _WIN32
> The conditional for Woe32 platforms, excluding Cygwin (which has normal Unix 
> API),
> is
>    #if (defined _WIN32 || defined __WIN32__) && !defined __CYGWIN__

Sorry, I somehow missed your mail about Cygwin defining _WIN32 nowadays.
I thought that 
was still up to date.

> Also, it's stylistically preferrable to put platform dependent include files
> after the last platform-independent include file, not before.

Thanks, I'll try to remember that.

For the nanosleep module, however, I like Simon's idea to use the unistd
module instead.


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