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Re: strfile: new module

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: strfile: new module
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 22:41:03 +0200
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Paul Eggert <address@hidden> writes:

> Looks nice.  A couple of comments:
>> +      count = fread (buf + size, 1, BUFSIZ, stream);
> BUFSIZ is too small on many systems, for backward compatibility reasons.
> Why not change that "BUFSIZ" to "alloc - size - 1"?


> Also, for the common case of regular files that you have opened,
> you can use fstat to cheaply find out an estimated size for the file,
> and use that estimate rather than guessing and growing the buffer.
> The estimate might be wrong (due to binary file translation, or
> growing sizes), but still, it's better than a guess.
> Even if it is a regular file that you have not opened, you can still
> estimate the size of the remaining part of the file by subtracting
> lseek (..., SEEK_CUR) from fstat.

Yup.  It's slightly less portable, perhaps, but if someone writes the
code (especially the M4 test), adding this seems like a good idea.

It will probably be easier to write the code once the current module
has been installed though.  The mmap approach is even less portable,
and also require a call to munmap, so I'm less sure about it.  I'm
just looking for something very simple to read X.509 certificates,
Kerberos tickets etc, which are typically only a few kb's large.

I'll start to use the module in GnuTLS and Shishi to see how it works

>> +          if (buf)
>> +            free (buf);
> How about just 'free (buf);'; that's smaller.

I prefer that to, but Ralf said to depend on the "free" module to make
sure free (NULL) works.  The free module is GPL, and I need this
module to be LGPL, so I can't use it, hence handling this in the code.

I think we should be able to assume free (NULL) works though, even my
K&R says it should work, and without depending on the free module.


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