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vc-dwim 0.2: a version-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit tool

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: vc-dwim 0.2: a version-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit tool
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 09:58:26 +0200


I've written a little tool that has saved me some typing and trouble.
It's called vc-dwim, as in "do what I mean", and helps manage version-
controlled working directories.

You can get a tarball here:

Or check out the latest:
  hg clone http://hg.et.redhat.com/hg/emd/applications/vc-dwim

If you know of a similar tool, or a nice, VC-agnostic perl module,
please let me know.

Feedback welcome,


Here's the contents of its README file:

vc-dwim is a version-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit tool.

It is useful if you like to maintain a ChangeLog file describing
the changes you make to version-controlled files.  vc-dwim works with
the following version control systems: git, mercurial, svn, and cvs.
It should be easy to add support for more.

What can it do?
vc-dwim can save you from making some small mistakes when using
version control programs from the command line.

For example, if you have unsaved changes in an editor buffer and use
vc-dwim to print diffs or to commit changes involving that file, it will
detect the problem, tell you about it, and fail.  This works as long as
you use Emacs or Vim.

Another common error you can avoid with this tool is the one where you
create a new file, add its name to Makefiles, etc., mention the addition
in a ChangeLog, but forget to e.g., "git add" (or "hg add", etc.) the
file to the version control system.  vc-dwim detects this discrepancy
and fails with a diagnostic explaining the probable situation.  You might
also have simply mistyped the file name in the ChangeLog.

Also, vc-dwim makes it a little easier/safer to commit a strict subset
of the modified files in a working directory.  But no one ever does *that*.

How does this author use vc-dwim?

Print diffs of arbitrary files:
I have an alias to show all or specified diffs:

    cv='vc-dwim --diff'

I use that when I want to see diffs of a specified file, regardless
of whether I have written new ChangeLog entries for it.
It works the same for cvs, git, hg, svn repositories, as long as
all you want are the difference between your local copy and the
checked out version.

Print diffs of files with new ChangeLog entries:
Often, I have made local changes to a file, and I have also added at
least one corresponding entry in a ChangeLog file.  Then, I use "vc-dwim
ChangeLog" to print the diffs for which there are ChangeLog entries,
warning about the potential problems mentioned above (editor temporaries
that can imply there are unsaved changes, and files listed in ChangeLog,
but not "cvs add"ed).  If your changes affect files covered by more than
one ChangeLog, you might use "vc-dwim ChangeLog lib/ChangeLog", or
more concisely, "vc-dwim {,lib/}ChangeLog".

Commit changes to files with new ChangeLog entries:
Use "vc-dwim --commit ChangeLog"
or  "vc-dwim --commit ChangeLog lib/ChangeLog src/ChangeLog"
to commit the changes you would see without the --commit option.

Assuming I have completed a change and have documented everything in
one or more ChangeLog file, I run "vc-dwim --commit ChangeLog" to commit
that ChangeLog file and the files "implied" by the new ChangeLog lines.
The commit log message is derived from the added ChangeLog lines.  With a
single ChangeLog file, the log message is nearly identical to the list
of added lines.  One leading TAB is removed and any "date  user-name  <email>"
lines are elided.  When there are two or more ChangeLog files, the log
message includes a line for each indicating the affected directory.
For example:

* some-file-in-top-level-dir: ...
* lib.c: ...
* foo.m4: ...

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