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Re: Darwin HFS+ bug

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: Darwin HFS+ bug
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 18:39:42 +0200
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mwoehlke wrote:
> I am also noticing that 
> after making coreutils (and some other packages, I think bash was one), 
> to remove the directory, I have to 'rm -rf coreutils-5.97' as many as 
> four times before it fully goes away. Odd that just doing it several 
> times in succession works, though.

Seen that also quite often on Darwin-7.9.0 (MacOS X 10.3.9).
It occurs in two different flavours:

  - When a directory has many entries, you "rm -rf" it, rm complains
    that it couldn't remove everything. Wait ca. 30 seconds, retry.
    After a few times, it finally succeeds.

  - When a directory has hard links created through NFS or SMBFS.
    (Such as doing "make install" of GCC: it creates a hard link
    between bin/gcc and bin/cc, and between bin/g++ and bin/c++).
    Here, "rm -rf" fails, but waiting doesn't help, and rm of one of these
    always fails. What appears to work, is to "rm" the other one, or
    to move one of the files to a different directory using "mv" and then
    retry "rm -rf".

Quite weird.


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