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Re: vc-dwim 0.2: a version-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit to

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: vc-dwim 0.2: a version-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit tool
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 21:48:27 +0200

Ralf Wildenhues <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hehe.  I see a chance to reconcile some stuff I've been solving locally
> or doing inefficiently.
>> Ralf Wildenhues <address@hidden> wrote:
>> > In a gnulib CVS checkout (with modifications), I get:
>> >
>> > $ vc-dwim ChangeLog
>> > | vc-dwim: ChangeLog: no unidiff output
>> Does ChangeLog have changes, i.e., does "cvs diff ChangeLog" output
>> something?
> No, it did not have any changes.  I was somehow under the impression
> that this would help me generate a ChangeLog entry for other files that
> I changed; upon second reading that seems not to be intended at all,
> so I guess the program worked as intended, just the message was a bit
> confusing.  Maybe just not output anything at all in that case?

Thanks.  I'll do something about that.

> While we're at this: how about if vc-dwim helped me generate a stub
> ChangeLog entry (with file names listed, maybe functions)?  I don't know
> how others do this, but I think you don't want to know how I do it.[1]

See below.
Generating just the "* file:" parts would be trivial.
Adding functions would require much more work, especially if
it's supposed to work with arbitrary source languages.

> And going even further, there are some projects that use some of the
> newer version control systems but do not store their commit logs in a
> ChangeLog; for example, with svn I've grown accustomed to tracking my
> personal ChangeLog file with a script like the one very imperfect one

Ha!  RTHO :-) read the --help output.
Is this what you want?

    But what if you'd like to use vc-dwim on a project that doesn't have or
    want a ChangeLog file?  In that case, you can maintain your own, private,
    version-controlled ChangeLog file in a different hierarchy.  Then just
    make a symlink to it from the top level directory of the hierarchy in
    which you'd like to use it and everything should work.  Your private
    ChangeLog file need not even use the same version control system as the
    rest of the project hierarchy.

> below[2].  Maybe vc-dwim could do something like this for me in a
> vcs-agnostic manner?  ;-)
> I haven't tested it with genuine changes yet.
> FWIW, it would be really nice to see the changes from 0.2.1 also in the
> hg tree (I prefer a vcs-ed upstream when providing feedback).

Maybe I don't understand what you're saying.
There haven't been any changes since 0.2.1, other than this one,
which I've just pushed:

2006-09-23  Jim Meyering  <address@hidden>

        * configure.ac: Version 0.2.2-devel.
        * NEWS: Update.

> [1] Note I seem unable to teach my fingers the emacs way of life, and
> AFAIK vim does not have a generate-changelog-stub kind of function;

No need to retrain your fingers.  Use emacs's viper-mode.
I switched about 10 years ago (back when it wasn't as good,
and a little unstable to boot), and haven't looked back.
Sure, a few things are different, but "C-x 4 a" works just fine,
and I still use "o" to open a line, ESC to get out of input mode, etc. :)

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