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Re: workaround /proc/self/fd bug on Solaris 10

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: workaround /proc/self/fd bug on Solaris 10
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 00:45:37 +0000

> I noticed that a build of CVS coreutils on Solaris 8 created
> executables that didn't run on Solaris 10, because on Solaris 10
> /proc/self/fd/NNN/.. is equivalent to /proc/sef/fd, not to the parent
> directory of the file with descriptor NNN.  I'm not sure why Sun made
> this change, but it broke the openat emulation.  I installed the
> following into gnulib to work around the problem.

Cygwin has the same bug, FWIW.

I'll have to test if your fix helps (my hack was just to check
in lib/at-func.c if the current file name is "..", skip the block
of code that does BUILD_PROC_NAME and CALL_FUNC,
falling back instead on the fchdir path).

Eric Blake

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