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wint_t in printf-args.c under mingw32

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: wint_t in printf-args.c under mingw32
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 13:03:03 -0800
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While compiling GNU PSPP under mingw32, for portability testing
purposes, I noticed an error from printf-args.c in gnulib:

../../intl/printf-args.c: In function `printf_fetchargs':
../../intl/printf-args.c:83: warning: `wint_t' is promoted to `int' when passed 
through `...'
../../intl/printf-args.c:83: warning: (so you should pass `int' not `wint_t' to 
../../intl/printf-args.c:83: note: if this code is reached, the program will 

which corresponds to these source lines:

#ifdef HAVE_WINT_T
      case TYPE_WIDE_CHAR:
        ap->a.a_wide_char = va_arg (args, wint_t);

I see that in other cases in that file where the type passed to
va_arg is likely to be narrower than int, "int" is what is passed
to va_arg as the type.  Should the same tactic be used here?
Ben Pfaff 

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