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strncasecmp defined incorrectly in string_.h

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: strncasecmp defined incorrectly in string_.h
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 11:07:35 -0800
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I installed this:

2007-02-12  Paul Eggert  <address@hidden>

        * lib/string_.h (strncasecmp): Fix typo: this macro takes 3
        args, not 2.

--- lib/string_.h       11 Feb 2007 17:02:31 -0000      1.20
+++ lib/string_.h       12 Feb 2007 19:06:27 -0000
@@ -141,9 +141,9 @@ extern int strncasecmp (char const *s1, 
    POSIX says that it operates on "strings", and "string" in POSIX is defined
    as a sequence of bytes, not of characters.  */
 # undef strncasecmp
-# define strncasecmp(a,b) \
+# define strncasecmp(a,b,n) \
     (GL_LINK_WARNING ("strncasecmp cannot work correctly on character strings 
in multibyte locales - don't use it if you care about internationalization; use 
c_strncasecmp (from gnulib module c-strcase) if you want a locale independent 
function"), \
-     strncasecmp (a, b))
+     strncasecmp (a, b, n))


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