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question about getcwd

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: question about getcwd
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 00:36:18 +0100
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Hi Jim, Paul,

Does the following accurately describe the behaviour of getcwd() in gnulib?
I'm asking because lib/getcwd.c mentions a certain GNU extension, whereas
lib/getcwd.h merely refers to the POSIX spec.

/* Get the name of the current working directory, and put it in SIZE bytes
   of BUF.
   Return BUF if successful, or NULL if the directory couldn't be determined
   or SIZE was too small.
   See the POSIX:2001 specification
   Additionally, the gnulib module 'getcwd' guarantees the following GNU
   extension: If BUF is NULL, an array is allocated with 'malloc'; the array
   is SIZE bytes long, unless SIZE == 0, in which case it is as big as
   necessary.  */
extern char * getcwd (char *buf, size_t size);


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