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Re: gnulib getcwd patch needed for Solaris 10 getcwd

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: gnulib getcwd patch needed for Solaris 10 getcwd
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 13:50:08 +0100

Paul Eggert <address@hidden> wrote:
> coreutils "make check" failed on Solaris 10 with Sun C 5.8 due to "df
> ." failing.  I tracked it down to a getcwd issue exposed by recent
> changes to getcwd.c, and installed this patch to gnulib.
> After installing this patch (and the other fixes I sent in just now),
> "make check" succeeded on this platform.
> 2007-02-21  Paul Eggert  <address@hidden>
>       * lib/getcwd.c (__getcwd): Don't assume getcwd (NULL, 0) works
>       like glibc; on Solaris 10, it fails with errno == EINVAL.
>       POSIX says the behavior is unspecified if the first argument is NULL,
>       so play it safe and never pass NULL to the system getcwd.

Hi Paul,

The above change moved (and added to) the "#if HAVE_PARTLY_WORKING_GETCWD"
block down past the code to handle "getcwd (NULL, 0)".  When I build
on Solaris 10, with gcc on either nfs or tmpfs file systems, the
configure-time test does not define HAVE_PARTLY_WORKING_GETCWD.

So, obviously, our config.h files are different; otherwise,
your moving #if-0'd code wouldn't have had any effect.
Why does your config.h define HAVE_PARTLY_WORKING_GETCWD
when using Sun C 5.8?

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