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Re: another gnulib update

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: another gnulib update
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 03:25:01 +0100
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Eric Blake wrote:
> Eventually, when the move to git is complete, doing this will be easy -
> you just make a branch in your local git copy of gnulib, and base your m4
> release off of that branch.

git will certainly help in doing so.

But what Gary also wants is the knowledge, that we 4 (you, Paul, Jim, me) have:
what is a good starting point and what additional patches are recommended
on top of that.

For today, I would say, take as starting point the day before the <time.h>
and <string.h> changes, a month ago. Then each of us can give Gary a list of
recommended ChangeLog entries that he can integrate in his "branch".

> > Is there perhaps some way to cleverly tag the CVS tree of gnulib to
> > avoid this problem?

Hardly. Often it's clear only after two or three weeks whether a patch
was good or not. We don't know at the moment the patch is committed.


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