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Re: first draft of "relocatable" module

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: first draft of "relocatable" module
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 06:48:25 +0100
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.13 (2006-08-11)

A couple more comments.

* Ben Pfaff wrote on Mon, Feb 26, 2007 at 03:27:42AM CET:

Content-Description: gnulib diff versus gettext
> --- gettext/build-aux/install-reloc   2006-11-09 06:26:40.000000000 -0800
> +++ gnulib.relocatable/build-aux/install-reloc        2007-02-19 
> 22:31:39.000000000 -0800

> +func_verbose $compile_command -I"$builddir" -I"$srcdir" -I"$config_h_dir" 
> -D"INSTALLDIR=\"$installdir\"" -D"LIBPATHVAR=\"$library_path_var\"" 
> -D"LIBDIRS=$libdirs" -D"EXEEXT=\"$exeext\"" "$srcdir"/relocwrapper.c 
> "$srcdir"/progname.c "$srcdir"/progreloc.c "$srcdir"/xreadlink.c 
> "$srcdir"/readlink.c "$srcdir"/canonicalize-lgpl.c "$srcdir"/allocsa.c 
> "$srcdir"/relocatable.c "$srcdir"/setenv.c "$srcdir"/strerror.c 
> "$srcdir"/c-ctype.c -o "$destprog.wrapper$exeext" || exit $?

Do you have some data or experience on how portable it is wrt. the
compiler to list several source files in one compile command?  Can
some compiler create intermediate files in the current directory?
Because if yes, that would prevent parallel 'make install'.
Or it could leave behind object files?  Sorry, so far I wasn't able
to see easily in which directory this compilation command would be

I tried some compilers now.  All those I tried coped well with multiple
source files listed.  But just as well, none except GCC are intelligent
enough by themselves to not stomp upon each others' object files, and
most do not clean up.

compiler             creates objects in pwd   leaves behind objects
AIX 4.3.3 xlc        yes                      no
AIX 5.3 xlc          yes                      no
HP-UX 10.20 cc       yes                      yes
HP-UX 11.23/IA cc    yes                      yes
IRIX 6.5 cc          yes                      yes
Solaris 2.6 cc       yes                      yes
Solaris 10 cc        yes                      yes
Tru64 4.0D cc        yes                      yes
Tru64 5.1 cc         yes                      yes
GCC                  no                       no


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