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getcwd fails on Interix 3.5

From: Kaz Sasayama
Subject: getcwd fails on Interix 3.5
Date: Tue, 01 May 2007 22:44:58 +0900
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gnulib's getcwd fails to get the working directory and almost always
returns an error on Interix 3.5.

The main cause is Interix's readdir fills a false value in d_ino member
of struct dirent. gnulib's getcwd is checking for directory entries' ino
obtained from readdir against another ino obtained from stat as a
shortcut, so the two inos never match.

Possible solution is one of the followings.

   1. Modify the configure test for d_ino member in struct dirent to
      fail on Interix and process as if there is no d_ino member.
   2. Modify getcwd.c not to test inos on Interix.

Probably the former is better IMHO.

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