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Re: gendocs_template and gnu style

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: gendocs_template and gnu style
Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 12:59:22 -0500

Hi Bruce,

    The issues:  "index.html" is supposed to be named "autogen.html"
    with "index.html" a symlink to that.  

The result is the same.  I didn't see any reason to complicate things by
involving gnu.org's symlink madness.

(In the old days, each format was put in a separate directory even when
there was only one file.  I didn't see any reason to preserve that
complication either.)

    Secondly, "autogen.html.gz" is empty.

Puzzling.  Were there any error messages from makeinfo?  It works for me
on the manuals I've tried.

    Also, you might consider getting the sizes with ``ls -hsl''

I thought it was actually nicer for comparison purposes to have
everything uniformly in "K".

    one monster 

The "monster" (all in one file) should be created as autogen.html.
Maybe the above symlink stuff (or something) messed it up so the output
was not created?  That would also explain why autogen.html.gz was empty.

    and one per chapter in addition to the one  per node)?

Output per chapter is not presently supported in makeinfo.


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