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Re: [PATCH] conditions variables module

From: Yoann Vandoorselaere
Subject: Re: [PATCH] conditions variables module
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2008 11:26:42 +0200

Hello Bruno,

Le jeudi 07 août 2008 à 11:15 +0200, Bruno Haible a écrit :
> > Attached is an initial implementation of the glcond module, based on
> > your lock module. 
> I like about it that its API is in the same spirit as 'lock' and 'tls'.
> A unit test and a Woe32 implementation are still missing.

I'm not competent to write the Win32 implementation unfortunately. Will
you be able to do this part of the work?

I'll try to write some simple unit-test for the implementation (I'm
currently working on the glthread module).

> The prefix 'gl' for the module and header file is probably unnecessary:
> most modules are gnulib modules anyway, and if the header was called "cond.h",
> there would not be much risk of collision either.

>From experience, I'd prefer to avoid possible collision. Not that I ever
met a system defining cond.h, but rather that I find it to be a good
habit to have a generic prefix for this kind of stuff. I prefer
preventing potential issue than curing them afterwise.
Is that a problem to you?

> The comments still talk about "Locking" and me as the author.
> I would also mention in a comment the distinction between "condition variable"
> and "wait queue" done in [1].

Thanks for the feedback, will send you an updated patch!


Yoann Vandoorselaere <address@hidden>

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