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Re: os/2 c-stack [was: snapshot in preparation for m4 1.4.12]

From: Elbert Pol
Subject: Re: os/2 c-stack [was: snapshot in preparation for m4 1.4.12]
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 17:08:11 +0200
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Hi Eric,

To be onnest i have never use any debugging tool or whatever.

And i will see how far i come with the libsigsegv

Eric Blake wrote:
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According to Elbert Pol on 8/7/2008 12:09 PM:
| But with the make -k check there are some errors.
| I attach the check.log
| This is with os/2

Thanks for the report. Can you also send your config.log? It looks like
three categories of errors; I'll reply with separately subject lines to
make tracking the distinct issues easier.

First, it looks like stack overflow detection is not working:

| Checking ./stackovf.test
| Can't reset stack limit - this may take a while...
| Failure - m4 did not abort
| Output from m4:
| FAIL: test-c-stack.sh

Are you in a position to help debug this? The simplest test would be
capturing the output of:

$ u:/m4- --help | grep limit
$ echo 'define(a,a(a))a' | u:/m4-
$ echo $?

checks/stackovf.test was supposed to do this, but it might still be buggy;
at any rate, the output from the test looks like m4 exited without any
output and with 0 exit status, even though it should have died from stack
overflow. Maybe the process is being killed silently by the OS, similarly
to how mingw behaves without libsigsegv? The --help output will show
whether m4 is even attempting stack overflow detection (--nesting-limit
default to 0) or giving up entirely due to no OS support (--nesting-limit
default to 1024, as it is on mingw without libsigsegv).

If you are familiar with gdb, it would also be nice to step through
test-c-stack. It seems a bit odd that stack overflow failed
(test-c-stack.sh invokes test-c-stack without arguments) but a forced
SIGSEGV passed (test-c-stack2.sh invokes it with an argument).

Also, it looks like you built without libsigsegv installed. Would you be
willing to download libsigsegv (2.5 is the latest release, although there
are some patches in CVS that have not yet been released, necessary for
correct operation on some platforms such as OpenBSD), report how it fares
with 'make check', and also try rebuilding m4 with libsigsegv?

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