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Re: snapshot in preparation for m4 1.4.12

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: snapshot in preparation for m4 1.4.12
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 10:06:29 -0600
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According to Thomas Klausner on 8/23/2008 9:54 AM:
> Hi again!
> Btw, did I mention last time that m4 tests work, but skip a few?
> Skipped checks were:
>   ./114.changeword ./115.changeword ./116.changeword ./117.changeword 
> ./118.chan
> geword ./119.changeword
> All checks successful

Expected; use './configure --enable-changeword' if you want that feature
enabled in m4, with the caveat that it will be withdrawn in m4 2.0 (in
favor of a more powerful and faster changesyntax feature).

>> Thanks for the report.  Are you able to help us fix gnulib, by debugging
>> where the replacement frexp went wrong?
> When stepping through test-frexp with gdb, it fails like this:
> (gdb) s
> 113         ASSERT (signbit (mantissa));

Thanks for the trace.  That occurs after the damage is already done; how
about setting a breakpoint at line 110 (the call to frexp), and stepping
through that?  Also, is rpl_frexp in use, or is gnulib deferring to your
native frexp?

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