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Re: Using gnulib with -pedantic, I get many warnings about #include_next

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: Re: Using gnulib with -pedantic, I get many warnings about #include_next
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2008 23:47:59 +0100 (BST)
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On Mon, 25 Aug 2008, Bruno Haible wrote:

Reuben Thomas wrote:
it'd need some way for gnulib to turn it off, and
gnulib would then have to use it.

gnulib cannot avoid the use of #include_next. On non-glibc platforms it
would be possible, by use of #include <absolute_system_header_filename>,
but with glibc it is not possible, because glibc itself uses #include_next.

I wouldn't want gnulib not to use #include_next. I feel I'm not being very clear here...

Anyway, thanks for rerun, which I'll try. It seems to have no copyright or license; any information on that?

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