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maint.mk: makefile-check?

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: maint.mk: makefile-check?
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 09:47:28 +0200
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Is there any reason the makefile-check rule isn't called

If it is because it may be used interactively by maintainers, we could
add a rule like this:

makefile-check: sc_makefile_check

This seems cleaner than not using the sc_ convention for this check to


diff --git a/top/maint.mk b/top/maint.mk
index 3e27d7c..1c6e87b 100644
--- a/top/maint.mk
+++ b/top/maint.mk
@@ -72,8 +72,7 @@ syntax-check-rules := $(shell sed -n 
's/^\(sc_[a-zA-Z0-9_-]*\):.*/\1/p' \
 .PHONY: $(syntax-check-rules)
 local-checks-available = \
-  $(syntax-check-rules) \
-  makefile-check
+  $(syntax-check-rules)
 .PHONY: $(local-checks-available)
 # Arrange to print the name of each syntax-checking rule just before running 
@@ -488,7 +487,7 @@ update-NEWS-hash: NEWS
 # to emit a definition for each substituted variable.
 # We use perl rather than "grep -nE ..." to exempt a single
 # use of an @address@hidden variable name in src/Makefile.am.
        @perl -ne '/address@hidden@/ && !/^cu_install_program =/'       \
          -e 'and (print "$$ARGV:$$.: $$_"), $$m=1; END {exit !$$m}'    \
            $$($(VC_LIST_EXCEPT) | grep -E '(^|/)Makefile\.am$$')       \

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