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Re: Request for glibc header file

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: Request for glibc header file
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 22:17:44 +0200
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> I require the "glibc header files" because for my sample
> program to be executed required io.h and sys\stat.h and sys\types.h
> upon reading the forum I came to know tht it can be replaced by using the
> glibc header files.

The description of your problem is too vague for anyone to help. It sounds
you are using a Windows system and have a program that is written for
POSIX or glibc systems, or vice versa. That's all I can infer from your
vague question.

Btw, when writing to a mailing list, please turn off HTML mail. We want
plain-text mail. HTML mails not only look ugly (like garbage or like
advertisements, depending on the user's mailer), they also present security


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