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Re: whitespace exceptions (Re: savannah git stale?)

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: whitespace exceptions (Re: savannah git stale?)
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2009 16:28:25 +0200

Eric Blake wrote:
> Jim Meyering <jim <at> meyering.net> writes:
>> At Karl's request, I reluctantly relaxed the server-side hook that
>> prohibits pushing changes containing added trailing blanks by doing
>> this in savannah's cvs "vserver":
>>   echo build-aux/texinfo.tex -whitespace > 
>> /srv/git/gnulib.git/info/attributes
> Wouldn't it be better to store this in gnulib.git/.gitattributes, so that
> everyone can get this exception rather than just savannah?

It's required only to get past a server-side commit hook that is
specific to savannah, so technically no one else should need it.
Also, I would like to avoid adding any more exceptions like that,
so preferred rather not make it too easy.

Is there some scenario in which using .gitattributes would be better?

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