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Re: gl_LIBSIGSEGV is broken

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: gl_LIBSIGSEGV is broken
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 19:45:38 +0200
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Sam Steingold wrote:
> > I suspect it has something to do with the autoconf infrastructure of your
> > package. Can you provide a complete tarball of it? (The clisp cvs still has
> > libsigsegv.m4 serial 3.)
> I reverted back to serial 3 so that my users can build.
> try "cvs up -D 2009-06-16"

Tried this. It gave me a warning message

  cvs update: warning: unrecognized response `Unknown command Sticky 
D2009. at /usr/bin/git-cvsserver line 198, <STDIN> line 13248.' 
from cvs server
  cvs [update aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)

But anyway. In this setting I reproduce. The problem is triggered because you
have to invocations of gl_LIBSIGSEGV in a row, one from src/configure.in and
other one from the gnulib-generated gl_INIT macro. AC_LIB_LINKFLAGS was not
tested in this situation so far.

I'm applying this fix:

2009-06-21  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden>

        Make two consecutive identical invocations of AC_LIB_HAVE_LINKFLAGS
        * m4/lib-link.m4 (AC_LIB_LINKFLAGS_BODY): Reset HAVE_LIB${NAME}
        together with LIB${NAME}, LTLIB${NAME}.
        Reported by Sam Steingold <address@hidden>.

--- m4/lib-link.m4.orig 2009-06-21 19:16:22.000000000 +0200
+++ m4/lib-link.m4      2009-06-21 19:15:40.000000000 +0200
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# lib-link.m4 serial 19 (gettext-0.18)
+# lib-link.m4 serial 20 (gettext-0.18)
 dnl Copyright (C) 2001-2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
 dnl This file is free software; the Free Software Foundation
 dnl gives unlimited permission to copy and/or distribute it,
@@ -210,6 +210,9 @@
+  dnl HAVE_LIB${NAME} is an indicator that LIB${NAME}, LTLIB${NAME} have been
+  dnl computed. So it has to be reset here.

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