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Re: gl_LIBSIGSEGV is broken

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: gl_LIBSIGSEGV is broken
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 10:31:49 +0200
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Sam Steingold wrote:
> > The problem is triggered because you
> > have to invocations of gl_LIBSIGSEGV in a row, one from src/configure.in and
> > other one from the gnulib-generated gl_INIT macro. AC_LIB_LINKFLAGS was not
> > tested in this situation so far.
> interesting!
> so, you seem to imply that I can safely remove all the gl_* macro
> invocations from src/configure.in because they are already called from
> gl_INIT.
> should I?

You can safely remove those gl_* macro invocations from configure.{ac,in}
for which you have explicitly requested the corresponding gnulib module -
because then it is guaranteed that gl_INIT will invoke that macro.

gl_INIT may also contain the invocations of the macros corresponding to
some dependent modules which you have not asked for explicitly. Since
these dependencies can go away without notice (no mention in gnulib's
NEWS file), you are not safe to remove these macro invocations from
your configure.{ac,in} - unless, of course, you add these modules
to the ones that you explicitly request on the gnulib-tool command line.


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