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Re: patch to lib-prefix.m4

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: patch to lib-prefix.m4
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 23:00:11 +0200
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[Adding CC to bug-gnulib]


Monty Taylor wrote:
> I've got a patch for lib-prefix.m4, but I'm not sure if it should go to
> gettext or to gnulib.  (Thanks for writing it, btw)
> It's related to 64-bit detection on Solaris. (Which makes me want to
> kill someone, btw) Just running the preprocessor doesn't catch the
> instances where someone is specifying -m64 in CFLAGS. Actually compiling
>  has had much better success for us in the projects where we're using
> this macro...
> Is there a better way to submit/send this somewhere?

Submitting it to me was fine. I CC bug-gnulib, because that's the primary
forum for discussing portability code like this one.

> someone is specifying -m64 in CFLAGS

Specifying -m64 in the CFLAGS is not enough. The autoconf documentation [1]
recommends to use either
  CC="gcc -m64".

The reason is precisely so that autoconf tests which run the preprocessor
will yield the expected result.



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