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bootstrap updated

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: bootstrap updated
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 11:54:37 +0200

I've pushed a few changes to bootstrap:

        boostrap: indent only with spaces
        * build-aux/bootstrap: Indent only with spaces, never TABs.

        bootstrap: split long lines
        * build-aux/bootstrap: Keep line length < 80.

        bootstrap: sync from coreutils
        * build-aux/bootstrap: Honor variables like $ACLOCAL, etc.,
        just as autoreconf does.  Verify a list of prerequisite
        package-name,version-number pairs if defined in bootstrap.conf.
        Refer to README-prereq, if prerequisites are not satisfied.

That latter happens only if README-prereq exists, of course.
For example, here's the "buildreq" list from coreutils' bootstrap.conf:

# Build prerequisites
autoconf   2.61
automake   1.11
autopoint  -
bison      -
gettext    -
git        1.4.4
gperf      -
gzip       -
makeinfo   -
perl       5.5
rsync      -
tar        -

In case you weren't following bug-coreutils traffic when this went in,
users of ./bootstrap appreciate learning about it right away --
and getting the full list -- when prerequisites are not met.
Otherwise, they learn about problems piecemeal, sometimes via obtuse
diagnostics, as succeeding stages of the build process fail.

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