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maint.mk syntax-check

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: maint.mk syntax-check
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 15:58:11 +0100
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It would be useful to have 'syntax-check' never check certain
files/directories.  This patch makes it possible to set VC_LIST_NEVER in
cfg.mk.  Objections to pushing?


2010-01-12  Simon Josefsson  <address@hidden>

        * top/maint.mk (VC_LIST_EXCEPT): Filter list through VC_LIST_NEVER
        regexp too.

diff --git a/top/maint.mk b/top/maint.mk
index 3651543..c91b730 100644
--- a/top/maint.mk
+++ b/top/maint.mk
@@ -38,7 +38,9 @@ VC_LIST = $(build_aux)/vc-list-files -C $(srcdir)
   $(VC_LIST) | if test -f $(srcdir)/.x-$@; then grep -vEf $(srcdir)/.x-$@; \
-              else grep -Ev "$${VC_LIST_EXCEPT_DEFAULT-ChangeLog}"; fi
+              else grep -Ev "$${VC_LIST_EXCEPT_DEFAULT-ChangeLog}"; fi \
+       | if test -n "$(VC_LIST_NEVER)"; then grep -Ev "$(VC_LIST_NEVER)"; \
+       else cat; fi
 ifeq ($(origin prev_version_file), undefined)
   prev_version_file = $(srcdir)/.prev-version

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