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Re: [PATCH] tests/test-xalloc-die.sh: Use $EXEEXT.

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: [PATCH] tests/test-xalloc-die.sh: Use $EXEEXT.
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 06:52:24 -0700
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According to Jim Meyering on 1/14/2010 6:46 AM:
>> Or go one step further, do the search for *.exe without regards to
>> $EXEEXT, skipping this case block, and simplifying modules/*-tests.
> I like the idea of not having to modify all modules/*-tests, but have
> two reservations:
>   - I like having no shim-eval overhead when $EXEEXT is empty.
>   - What if a script were to run something named foo.exe _in unix land_?
>     Then if there is also a "foo" executable in that directory, it would
>     mistakenly run "foo" via our shim that creates a foo.exe *function*.

For init.sh, it is used in a directory largely under gnulib's control.  In
other words, the glob *.exe is likely to match files only on platforms
where $EXEEXT (had it been exported into the test environment) is .exe,
and return '*.exe' (or nothing, if the shell's noglob option is turned on)
otherwise.  Do we really need to worry about the oddball case where
someone on a Unix platform creates a test named foo.exe even though
$EXEEXT is empty?

Don't work too hard, make some time for fun as well!

Eric Blake             address@hidden

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