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From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: __GNUC_PREREQ
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 06:04:04 -0700
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According to Bruno Haible on 1/28/2010 7:52 AM:
> Eric Blake wrote:
>> For that matter, would it make sense to have a gnulib module that
>> guarantees that __GNUC_PREREQ is defined in <config.h>, and then convert
>> various other modules to use it rather than open-coding their __GNUC__
>> version checks?
> I don't think it's worth it:
>   - You would be replacing a well understandable one-liner with another
>     understandable one-liner. No win in terms of maintainability.

#if __GNUC_PREREQ(3,4)

is shorter than:

#if __GNUC__ > 3 || (__GNUC__ == 3 && __GNUC_MINOR__ >= 4)

but point taken, it isn't worth the effort of the extra indirection
through another module.  So even though this idea had some merit, I'm
dropping any work on a patch in this direction.

Don't work too hard, make some time for fun as well!

Eric Blake             address@hidden

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