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Re: [PATCH] Fix use of ENABLE_NLS (which is not always defined)

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fix use of ENABLE_NLS (which is not always defined)
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 08:09:15 -0600
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On 03/17/2010 06:58 PM, Grégoire Sutre wrote:
> Just out of curiosity: is there a reason for this behavior of
> AC_CHECK_DECLS, which, quoting the manual, is unlike the other
> ‘AC_CHECK_*S’ macros?

Yes - it looks cleaner to write code like:

  do_something ();


  do_something ();

but that only works if CONDITION is always defined to 0 or 1.  In
general, we prefer to avoid #if inside function bodies; it is easier to
read code where all the #if have been factored out to file scope level
and function bodies are straight-line code.  Newer autoconf macros
follow this style, and gnulib continues it for most macros defined by
gnulib.  And even for the older autoconf macros which did not follow
this paradigm, it's not too hard to do:

# define CONDITION

at the top of the file, to once again keep #if out of function bodies.

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