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Re: [PATCH] bootstrap: a new option --no-git, prohibiting the use git in

From: Aleksey Avdeev
Subject: Re: [PATCH] bootstrap: a new option --no-git, prohibiting the use git in the bootstrap process.
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 21:04:18 +0300
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20.03.2010 15:00, Eric Blake пишет:
> [writing to undisclosed-recipients makes it hard to guess where you
> wanted the reply to go to]
> On 03/19/2010 09:52 AM, Aleksey Avdeev wrote:
>>   Ability to explicitly disable the use git when calling bootstrap will
>> exclude recourse to third-party resources for assembly rpm package. What,
>> in particular, significantly simplify the preparation of packages to build
>> on git.alt
>> (see <http://en.altlinux.org/Git.alt_reference#Building_packages_with_gear>).
>>   The patch in my repository:
>> <http://git.altlinux.org/people/solo/public/?p=gnulib.git;a=commit;h=8741ad8a412b2aa9f7a4e3fc69902c12a6ed9d69>.
>>   Background: see <https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=562743>.
> So if I understand correctly, you are trying to re-bootstrap libvirt
> rather than using a tarball which has already been bootstrapped, but in
> the process, you don't want to use git.  Why?  From an rpm perspective,
> it seems like you should have no need to rerun bootstrap - use the
> existing tarball which has already been bootstrapped.  Without a solid
> reasoning why it is desirable to rerun bootstrap without having the full
> compliment of developer tools available, I don't see what this patch
> buys you.

  Instead, this patch be satisfactory to me, if it is taken into account
the remark Dmitry V. Levin: see


С уважением. Алексей.

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